Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tupperware and Watkins Home Business Feature

Featured: Suzanne Laukka
Tupperware & Watkins Home Business Entrepreneur
Bio: Suzanne has been married to Danny Laukka for 27 years. They have 3 sons and reside in the North Georgia Mountains. Suzanne has owned a pet shop for 16 years, has been a Tupperware Consultant for a year and a half and an independent Watkins associate for 3 years. In her spare
time, Suzanne enjoys reading and watching television.

1. So Suzanne, you appear to be a jack of all trades, creating streams of income from a variety of multi-level marketing sources. Please share those sources and tell my readers what’s working best for you

When I started looking for a home business to help with the family finances, I wanted to make sure that the company had been around for a while so I wouldn't be so worried about being scammed. My sister reminded me of all the years my Mom and Grandma used Watkins products and she saw an ad for The Summit Group and how to become an Independent Watkins Associate. I took the tour through the site and I just knew this was the business for me when introducing my Independent Watkins Business to a friend from one of my groups, she began telling me about her Tupperware business. I love Tupperware and to help her out, signed up underneath her so she would profit off of my own personal sales. Being around for years, Watkins and Tupperware products pretty much sell themselves. I do very well with both of my home businesses.

2. What influenced your decision to offer the products you are selling?

That Watkins has been around for over 140 years and has good quality products and that Tupperware is still going strong after 60 plus years. I have used the products myself and to me they are definitely better than the store bought products.

3. What do you find are your most responsive channels of marketing?

I do a lot of internet advertising, ads in newspapers, fliers, etc.... I seem to get the most response from people after they get to know me a little bit and realize that I am a real person that believes in my businesses and their products.

4. How do you manage to work out of the home as well as promote your home business?

It's not as hard as most people think it is. During my day at work, in between customers, paperwork, inventory, etc... I stamp fliers, talk to people about Watkins and Tupperware, make phone calls. Before and after work I drop off orders and when at home in between supper, laundry and housecleaning, I work on my advertising and meeting new people on my groups. I give out catalogs when I pay my bills, my kids functions, and other times when I am out and about.

5. Do you conduct parties? If so, how do you get folks interested in your products at those parties?

I do an occasional party and its a lot of fun to show people the quality of the products. I bring in some of the Watkins products to taste test also. The products sell themselves.

6. In your personal opinion, what would you say has been your biggest personal success?

I think it would be making a decent living with my 3 businesses and still be able to raise a happy and healthy family.

7. Your biggest failure (bear in mind that this is your perception and may not be
considered a failure by others)?

I can be a procrastinator and I am very unorganized. I am constantly looking for things I have misplaced and put off many things on my to do list until I am frantically trying to get it all done at once. Unfortunately, I have passed this on to my kids. That really bothers me. (You and I are a lot alike here! There's always room for improvement)

8. What are your plans for the future?

I hope to be able to sell my Pet Shop and pay off my house with the money. That way I can go farther with my businesses and be here when my kids get home from school. I also have an elderly Father that I would like to spend more time with instead of just lunch on Sundays.

9. What advice would you give to those who are interested in joining a multi-level
marketing company?

Keep in mind that you don't make millions over night. It takes work to make it a success. Believe in your products and yourself and don't quit. You can do it!

10. Where can people find you online to purchase your products and to network with you?

I belong to many ning groups. Also you can reach me through my sites. I'd love to meet you and get to know you. My Tupperware site is click on the contact me link or Put in your name and e-mail and I will contact you. Thank you Michelle for this opportunity to let everyone get to know me a little bit. Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

Visit Suzanne's sites for a much wider selection of products.... You'll find just the right product for your home.

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