Monday, May 19, 2008

Network Marketing - A Sales Business?

For years network marketing has been known as a sales business. Network marketing is NOT a sales business. It's a relationship business. It is so important to recognize that people build your business so you must put people 1ST.

Another thing about network marketing is the failure rate. 97% of all Network marketers are NOT successful. For years, people have been deceived and lied to. Well, I am here to tell you that your lack of success in Network marketing is Not Your Fault. Most MLM companies have hidden agendas. It's all about them making money. But what about the people ? What about those who are making the company money but not getting paid themselves? 95% of the Big Guys at the top have NEVER built a Down-Line in any company. They either paid for their success or were given the spot. If you are smart and you arm yourself with knowledge, you can follow their trail and find them out.

Lots of MLM companies will also tell you to buy leads. People have spent thousands of dollars on leads. And guess what? The leads are worthless. Cold, stale leads that is good for nothing more than lining the cat's litter box.

I've discovered a wonderful 5 Pillar organization that provides you with everything you need to be successful in network marketing without making you purchase those kitty litter box leads. Download and read this free e-book, Success In 10 Steps to find out more...
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