Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sample Presentation is Everything

Have you ever received a sample of products to be utterly turned off by it? I know I have. Regardless to what your home business model is, if you are going to distribute any sort of samples or marketing material to promote your business, how you present it is very important.

Let's say you make your own custom printed handkerchiefs and wanted to hand out samples to some of the local shops in your area. Would you grab a handful of hankys and just throw them in a bag and hand them to the shop owner? Of course not! Or at least I hope you wouldn't.

Taking the time to invest in nice packaging materials can make all the difference in if a potential customer becomes interested in visiting your website (if you have one...and you should) to see what else you have to offer or just sampling your item and then quickly forgetting about your business. . . or even worst chucking what you have given!

Spend a few dollars on quality sample boxes or sample bags that may appear a bit different from what others are using. Put a label with the name of your business (include the website address) on the package and don't forget to enclose your business card. You never know who will wind up with your samples.
Here are a few providers of items you can use for your sample packaging needs (note: organza bags and cello bags are very popular):

Bayley's Boxes - Wholesale Gift Boxes and Retail Gift Packaging
Associated Bag - Packaging Supplies,Shipping Supplies,Plastic Bags,Poly Bags,Boxes
Wrapsacks - Planet Friendly Gift Wrap Bags & Totes

*Check out two of the Very Tastefully Packaged Samplers I've had the privilege of participating in:

Gabbriella's Sampler (packaged in the beautiful pink box above)
Snowberry Creek Sampler Boxes

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Gabbriella said...

Thank you Michelle for the publicity! It is always a joy to have you in my Sampler!

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