Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Branding Your Business

Happy Wednesday! I have a special guest posting here today. I've asked this very special lady to share some information with my readers that can greatly help those seeking to build a brand for their home business. This lady really knows her way around the branding business. Her name is Michelle D'Avella and here's what she has to share:

"As a graphic designer, I encounter so many business owners who underestimate the importance, not only of branding a business, but most importantly their logo. Your logo is the face of your business. It is the stamp and mark of your product or service. A good logo stands apart from the rest and speaks true to your brand. Many business owners are put off by the cost of a logo or a brand identity, but it's important to understand how essential these elements are to the success of your business. You may have a great idea or a fantastic product- but are your customers taking you seriously? If your company does not LOOK professional how can a customer THINK you are professional? Consumers need to feel they can trust you. Your first impression is the look of your company- the logo, the corporate identity package. After that is established then the customer deals with your business. So, a first impression is important. Before you embark on your journey with a graphic designer take the time to really figure out what look your company needs to become successful. Notice, I said your company needs- not you. Many times business owners confuse what they like and want with what is best for the business, and most often that is not the case. Do your research- look at other quality logos. Find a designer who cares about what you're doing and wants to contribute to the success of it.

I co-own a clothing line called Vintage Blue. My partner and I spent a long time determining what our brand was and who it spoke to before I began the design process. But, when you look at it throughout all elements there is a consistent look and feel that represents the brand. Take a look at the website at www.vintage-blue.com as well as the business cards and letterhead at www.michelledavella.com to get a feel for what I'm talking about."

Good luck in your business endeavors!

Bio: Michelle D'Avella is a freelance graphic designer working with companies in various industries from clothing lines and baking companies to energy drinks and salons. She has experience in print, web, and t-shirt design. She is the co-owner of Vintage Blue, an eco friendly clothing line which holds the exclusive license to The All American Girls Professional Baseball League from the film A League of their own. She also owned a denim boutique in 2006 called Denim Society where she spearheaded the design and marketing department. Take a look at Michelle's portfolio at www.michelledavella.com and follow her blog at http://michelledavella.wordpress.com

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