Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Be Yourself and Sell More Product

When you have your own business you have a great big advantage over large businesses. That's the ability to connect with your customers. The fact of the matter is that big businesses just don't have the time to make a real personal connection. Besides, they really don't have to. Big businesses have very deep pockets and can afford to pay for national and as well as international attention. Not so for us small business owners.

So, here's a great big tip to help you be more successful and sell more product...BE YOURSELF. First of all, if you are being phony just to sell someone, eventually that phoniness will show through. Sure, you may get a sale here and there but don't you want repeat buyers? Don't you want referrals? If you just be your good ole, nice self and be honest (hopefully, that's a part of who you really are!), then customers will eventually begin to draw to you like a magnet. Of course, I know that you should be professional and there are certain technical things you have to do to position your home business for success. That goes without saying. What I'm talking about is the human element of making a sale - To Connect with Your Customers

If you are selling a product or service for your home business, take the time to familiarize yourself with the product/service. Remember, just because you are trying to make money, your commitment should be towards helping people. Don't just sell for the sake of selling. You can only be passionate and real about something you have experience with and truly believe in.

When customer see that you are just trying to help them and you are passionate about a product or service you offer, you will more than likely make that personal connection and close the sale.

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