Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Marketing Your Home Business and Twitter

Twitter is becoming increasingly more popular as THE way to get a quick marketing message to many people. Twitter can be a great resource for your home business. However, while Twitter has it's advantages, it also has some disadvantages.

Let's take a quick look at some of the advantages of using Twitter:

  • You can post a link to your website in your Tweets that can potentially reach thousands of people, resulting in increased traffic to your website

  • An open terrain to contain advertise your products or services to a large audience

  • You can make quick announcements about sales and promotions that reach many as opposed to creating a long email to send to your opt in list

  • You can get your message across without the worries of if your email will be seen as spam

  • Your tweets are in real time so whoever is logged in will see your message right away
Here are some disadvantages of using Twitter:
  • It can be difficult to build a faithful group of followers

  • You are subject to empty twitters from people you follow at times (you do want to return some of your follows or you may be perceived as a stuck up lone ranger!)
As you can see, there are more advantages than disadvantages to using Twitter to market your home business. If you are going to successfully use Twitter to market your home business, find your niche, use Twitter as a means of connecting with your customer by offering your benefits, not your features and last of all...Do not just send robotic like messages that repeat over and over again. It's just like spam. Now get to Tweeting!

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