Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Overcome Obstacles with These 3 Qualities

Did you know that building your home business is no easy task?  You will come up against all sorts of obstacles that will discourage you and make you want to quite.

Without telling all of my business, I will say that I have definitely been there. I've had some pretty discouraging things happen over the last few weeks.  If it wasn't one thing it was another.  Supplier problems, slowed up sales, lost data, computer problems, you name it.  Every time I turn around I was coming up against one obstacle after another.

Of course, building your home business is no small feat but it is worth it to press on if this truly what your heart desires.  Being an entrepreneur means long lonely hours at times.  You may experience mental block, writers block, being a blockhead, you name it. However there are 2 qualities you must have and if you don't have them then you need to develop them.  Those two qualities are:

Tenacity -  To be tenacious means you won't easily give up.  You are persistent and have a dog-gonedness about what you are working on.  You must be stubborn and tough when it comes to your business.  Don't let anything or anyone get in the way of helping you achieve your goals.

Optimism - An optimistic person sees a favorable outcome regardless of the situation.  You have to be willing to see the glass half full, not half empty when it comes to building your home business.

A Sense of Humor - If you can't laugh at yourself, your bloops and your blunders, what can you laugh at ?  Seeing challenges from a "lighter" side, will truly help you to remain optimistic and tenacious.

I have to say that I even encouraged myself while writing this post so I hope you got a lot out of it as well

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