Friday, September 4, 2009

Beauty Business Resource

If you have a beauty or cosmetics business, I discovered a wonderful resource for obtaining sample containers from. Her name is Tiffani Henry and she's the Owner of Sample Container Store hosted by Ecrater.

Sample Container Store has really great prices for sample containers and related accessories. Her store offers:

Cosmetic Jars
Sample Containers
Treatment Pumps
Sprayers and Atomizers
Bags & Boxes
Shrink Bands
Labels (including custom printed)
Funnels & Scoops
Press & Seal bags
Vials and more!

I highly encourage you to visit this retailer. I made a recent purchase and could not believe how much I got for the money I spent.
Michelle Howard Smith is referred to as an Infopreneur Extraordinaire. She runs a multi-faceted home based business researching information related to alternative health, skin care and more. Check out her new Ecrater store:

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