Sunday, January 17, 2010

How To Niche Your Business with Market Research

Internet marketers have a different job to tackle than our brick and mortar business counterparts.  While it is easier to start an online business, many of us make a critical mistake by not doing proper market research.

To set the record straight, market research is NOT the same as keyword research.  Your keyword research should not be completed until after you have thoroughly done your market research.

At a loss how to perform market research so you can find your niche and ideal customer?  I was too until I came across this extensive and very handy e-book that teaches you step by step how to niche your business with proper market research. Here's a link to receive a free copy of "How To Do Market Research and Niche Your Business."  Read it thoroughly and you will learn the mistakes that so many internet marketers are making when starting an online business.

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