Friday, November 27, 2009

Writing to Develop Your Online Business Identity

While I'm still taking a hiatus from writing for a bit, I am up at 3am working and decided to post a little golden nugget that I've discovered while building my business.


Some may not realize it but writing is a great way (and recommended) to establish your business identity. What do I mean by this?  Well, let's take my business for example.  I have an online stress and pain relief store.  However, in order to establish myself an authority on the subject, I write. I write about everything from stress relief tips to easing back pain with natural remedies.

You see, when a potential customer comes to your website, they may not come by way of the home page. They may come by way of an article you have written and included your website link in.  If your article is rich enough in information, the reader will click through to see what else you have to offer on your website.  However, it works both ways. If you are not writing anything, you aren't establishing anything and if you aren't establishing anything, how can you stand out in the crowd known as the World Wide Web?

By writing in your "voice" and still maintaining your professionalism, you are establishing your business identity.  Of course, you want your writing to speak volumes to your professionalism and knowledge of the topic, so researching and planning is key.  After writing a couple of articles, you get the hang of it and start cranking them out easier than ever.

Now, get writing!  Having trouble? Check out an Article Marketing Course, Articology that I have been taking. It is VERY helpful.


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