Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Break out of Traditional Article Marketing

So before I go on hiatus, I wanted to share something I just read in an ezine I subscribe to.  If you are using article marketing to promote your business (and you should), then this will be helpful:

5 Reasons Why Using Traditional Article Marketing Is A Bad Idea
by Eric Gruber

Here’s why most of what you have been told by other so- called article marketing experts and gurus is dead wrong when it comes to writing and submitting articles online.

1. Traditional article marketing rarely results in any new traffic to your site.

Links from hundreds or thousands of unimportant article directories and sites are only going to build an army of  low-quality links that do nothing for your page rank in the search engines. And it certainly will NOT bring you any more traffic. This is a mistake that tons of people are still making everyday on the web, and most of them don't even know it. They just assume what they are doing will eventually work – because that’s what other experts are telling them.

2. Traditional article marketing does not establish you as an authority in your niche.

One of the biggest advantages of article marketing is that as soon as you publish your first article, you become a published writer in your marketplace. You will soon be considered an authority in your niche, which is great - but only if you are published at reputable sources. For example, my articles can be found on top websites like,,, Microsoft Community Dynamics and many more. Blasting out articles to a lot of low-quality sites makes you appear to be an amateur and not an expert, something that traditional article marketers tend to do.

3. Traditional article marketing promotes going for the quick-fix. There are a lot of marketing "gurus" out there who claim to have the magical solution for helping you obtain thousands of links back to your site just by the push of a button. There are others who claim to have a solution for the duplicate content problem - and promote something called spinning software, which will produce several variations of an article. The problem with these "old-school" quick fixes is that article submission software results in the low- quality link. And spinning software creates articles that read unnatural. This is Not an effective way to create REAL
traffic. It’s a waste of your time and money not to do article marketing the right way.

4. Traditional article marketing doesn't result in dollars earned.

Traditional article marketing is all about producing content for the sake of quantity and not quality.
Mediocrity is not the way to attract new business.  Article marketing done right will grow into a powerful viral
machine that will continuously bring you fresh new targeted traffic and qualified leads day after day. Especially, once you learn what your market wants to learn.  Writing quality articles to meet those needs is like money in the bank!

5. Traditional article marketing doesn’t give you a system for maximizing your article marketing efforts!

You spent time writing the article. Even if you used my article templates at to write your articles in 30 minutes – That’s 30 minutes that you could have been doing something else. So why not get the most use from your articles. Getting your articles published on top websites will give you the ability to…

  *  Mix your social media efforts with your article marketing efforts. You can Tweet about your new article placement. You can link to the article placement on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can answer people’s questions on forums and send prospects to your article for even more information.

  *  Get in front of your prospects face again. Send the high authority site’s link with your article to your
     list. That’s how Kevin Berchelmann received a new, mid 5-figure client!

  *  Enhance your credibility on your blog. You can link to your article placements from your blog and show that you are the expert. Show how you’re different by getting published on a top website or online publications and not just sites like  where everyone can get published as long as you follow the editorial guidelines.

  *  You can mention these placements in an auto-responder series. You can take the main take away lessons from your articles and turn it into an e-course. And than at the end of the day’s message, link to your articles
     so people can get even more information from you.

*  Turn your articles into videos. And, within these  videos show how you’re published on top websites as
     this will build instant credibility.

Now, if you’re ready to stop writing and submitting articles the traditional way – then check out my Online Article Marketing Course at

And, don’t forget that I have resources like my customized article marketing database and my article marketing service. Email me at or call me at: 908-380-8564 for more information.

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