Monday, May 25, 2009

Simple Time Management

Many of us struggle with getting things done in the time allotted to us. To be profitable in a home business or anything for that matter, you have to manage your time wisely. Here are three tips for simple time management:
  1. Write it down - Write down what you would like to accomplish a day in advance. Break that list up into "Must Do" and "Would like to do". This way you won't be disappointed if you don't get everything done but you will have accomplished the items of the highest priority

  2. Don't procrastinate by doing other things. Stay focused on the task at hand and don't let your mind wander. For example, let's say you are blogging (like me!), if you find that your mind is wandering thinking about what you are going to watch on tv later on, take that thought captive and get back on track.

  3. Don't multitask. Have you ever heard of the saying, "The fastest way from point A to point B is in a straight line?" Well, it's the same in business. While multitasking may seem like an effective way to get a lot of things done at once, you will actually find yourself starting a lot of things but not completing all of them.
Doing just one of these 3 simple time management tips, you will find that you will be more productive in your home business and your life in general. I notice that I get more done when I simple write out a To Do list the night before.

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