Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Success at Home

It's been a while since I've last updated this blog. Busy busy with work!

Success is defined as the achievement of something desired, intended or attempted. When considering working from home, count the cost:
  1. Is what you are doing now something you see yourself doing in the future?
  2. Is what you you are doing now producing for you?
  3. Are you happy where you are?
  4. If you decide to work from home, do you have enough in savings to cover your expenses until your work from home job begins paying off?
These are all questions that you need to consider before working from home. Do not let any company convince you that you can just work from home and it's just that easy. Different people have different situations to consider.

For those without a source of "protective" income, perhaps consider work at home as a form of residual income and then if all pans out, you can move slowly into working from home full time. As a rule of thumb, don't quit your day job until your work from home business is producing enough income to cover what your day job was covering, for at least 9 months.

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